Paul Hill | 2 Apr 18:49 2012

RE: Lucene 4 - POS and Syntactic Tagging

> Mark McGuire wrote:
> I'm working on a project where I need to tag both the part of speech and other syntactic information on tokens

To pick up on this thread from a few weeks back.

I've never done this myself, but I think that your desire to put extra information that is not really a token
in the index at a particular location is exactly what Payloads are for.

The above article even mentions:
"A payload can be used to store weights for specific terms or things like part of speech tags or other
semantic information. "

I don't believe that searching on attributes is the way to speak about it.  Attributes are features of some of
Lucene objects, a way to ask for something from a complex object.  Some attributes return information from
the index, but attributes are not in indexes, tokens and payloads are in indexes.  But I'm sure my
understanding is incomplete also, because using something other than "WORD" seems like a way to go, but I
can't see how to get a query to search on a particular type of token.