Diego Louzán | 28 Nov 12:15 2006

Re: Errror when deploy Consumer : "A producer with this ID does not exist. Check configuration file."

I've been making some changes to the repository that (still) are not
documented. Your problem probably lies on the configuration of the
property wsrp4j.proxyportlet.persistence.xml.dir on
wsrp4j-config.properties. Check that the dir points to the directory
where the producers/ dir is located (the WEB-INF dir on the portlet
deploy location inside your container).

This property was added because I'll soon be adding db persistence
support for the persistent objects, so the producers location dir can be
selected even using xml files mapping.

Anyway all of this will be documented on the web when I'm finished.


Nguyen, Trieu Viet escribió:
> Hi everyone,
> 	I deploy and test WSRP4J with the current version. When I try to deploy Consumer portlet I got this message
> "Exception Thrown 
> org.apache.wsrp4j.commons.exception.WSRPException
> Message = A producer with this ID does not exist. Check configuration file.
> " and in log file it is : 
> "2006-11-28 11:02:16,259 [http-8080-Processor25] ERROR
org.apache.wsrp4j.consumer.proxyportlet.impl.ProxyPortlet: Error occured while retrieving markup
> org.apache.wsrp4j.commons.exception.WSRPException: A producer with this ID does not exist. Check
configuration file.
> 	at org.apache.wsrp4j.commons.exception.WSRPXHelper.throwX(WSRPXHelper.java:143)
> 	at org.apache.wsrp4j.consumer.proxyportlet.impl.ProxyPortlet.getProducer(ProxyPortlet.java:784)".
> The WSRP4JProducerRegistryConfigPortlet said 'No Producers Found ' even thought I defined it in 
> wsrp4j-producer\WEB-INF\data\portletentityregistry.xml.
> Thanks,
> Trieu Viet
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