lars hofhansl | 29 Dec 07:24 2011

Re: Help regarding RowLock

I let other committers comment here, but in my opinion row locks (in their current form) should have never
been exposed to the client side API.
They are only maintained in memory at a region server, if the region server 
dies (or no longer serves the relevant region) they are gone.

-- Lars

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Why going through some resources / docs on Row-Locks in Hbase, I came
across a post on Lily :
This basically tells:
1. Row-Locks may result into a deadlock in some scenarios. Please refer to

2. Row-Locks are not preserved on region splits.

I was curious to know whether these behavior are still valid, as the above
discussions happened a long time back. If so then can I deduce that I can
use rowlocks only in scenario where the contention and concurrency is low ?