Jerome Louvel | 11 Jan 09:50 2007

Dual licensing CDDL and GPL

Hi all,

In order to follow the recent trend regarding Java/Glassfish licensing, to
bring you more licensing flexibility and to be fully compatible with the
newly bundled db4o third-party library (licensed under GPL), I've decided to
add a dual licensing option.

Starting with the upcoming 1.0 RC3 version, you will be able to chose to
license the Restlet software under either the CDDL license (similar to
Mozilla Public License) or the GPL license (with a Classpath exception), at
your convenience.

As indicated in the 'license.txt' file, the Restlet distribution bundles a
set of the third-party libraries but each stays under its original license.

Let me know if you have any question.

Best regards,
Jerome Louvel