Jason Harris | 12 Nov 16:18 2005

Trying to build kdelibs4-snapshot


I've compiled qt-mac-opensource-src-4.0.1, and am now attempting to compile 
kdelibs4_snapshot on OSX 10.4.  However, I can't even get it to configure.  
It keeps dying with a "Can't find Qt" error.  In the config.log, I see it 
does find the Qt4 headers, but the test program fails because it can't find a 
file for "-lQtGui_debug".  Is there a step I am missing; perhaps a patched 
admin directory or something that I need?  I am trying to use unsermake 
(because it was my understanding that you have to right now for kde4); would 
I have better luck with bksys or scons?

I tried looking at the wiki, but it seems to be about a year old, so I don't 
know if any of that is relevant anymore.



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