Inge Wallin | 1 Sep 15:19 2008

Re: Applications Status

On Monday 01 September 2008 12:46:15 Cyrille Berger wrote:
> Hi,
> Starting with beta1, I will remove from the released tarball applications
> or plugins that are *not* going to be part of 2.0 final, so I have made a
> list of applications that will be in, and those that won't be in:
> Can you check that I haven't missed anything ? Or made a mistake.
> There are a few unknow:
>  * kchart (the apps not the shape), there were discution between Johannes
> and Inge wether the application will be ready
>  * kformula (the shape) is it usuable ? It doesn't look like it is the case
> to me

I can confirm that we don't intend to provide a kchart application for 2.0.

I do think it should be part of koffice in the long run, though, not the least 
because there is a .odc file type, and we need to be able to handle it.