Robby Stephenson | 10 Oct 07:30 2005

Re: Report writer's guide?

Hi Kimmo,

On Friday 07 October 2005 3:17, K. Elo wrote:
> first of all I would like to thank for this excellent application!


> I use tellico to manage my own publications and use a special field to
> specify the category of the publication (like article in a peer-review
> journal). Now and again I need to generate a report where all
> publications of each category are listed below the title of this
> category, e.g.:
> Articles in peer-review journals
> [1] ...
> [2] ...
> Other articles
> [1] ...
> [2] ...

Does the Group View report show your publications like that? Make sure you 
set your category field as groupable, and then change the goruping in the 
application to that field. Generate the report, and you should have all the 
entries grouped as you mention.

> My question now is if there exists some guides how to generate such a
> report template for tellico. I am not very familiar with XML so I would
> appreciate a howto, if available.

XSL can be rather tricky. And Tellico's XML schema, since it allows custom 
fields, ends up being even more convoluted than usual. But if you're 
working with a collection where you have a known set of fields, it does 
become easier. All I can suggest is reading some XSLT tutorials, and then 
looking through some of the XSL files in Tellico's source files.

Feel free to ask any questions, too. I'm not an export in XSLT, by any 
stretch, but I've had to figure out how to do some complex stuff in there, 
so maybe I could give you a hand. The easiest thing to do, perhaps, is to 
start with the Group_View.xsl file, copy and rename it, and use that in the 
Report Dialog.