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Re: SQL2JXL Utility

Hi Greg,

I've run into that too.  One colleague's solution was to change the 
subsystem to maxjobs(2) but with only a single job queue that has 

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Fleming, Greg (ED) wrote:
> I'm using Giuseppe Costagliola's SQL2JXL utility in batch mode, by
> calling the CL from an RPG program.  
> It works great as long as I run it in a multi-threaded subsystem, but it
> runs into trouble when I run it in a single threaded subsystem, because
> the RUNJVA command apparently submits another job called QJVACMDSRV.
> Our program is called interactively by various users in our sales area
> to email spreadsheets from the IFS to selected customers.  We create the
> spreadsheet with the same name each time.  We wanted the name to be
> something that will make sense to the customer, rather than some
> sytem-generated unique number based on a time stamp or something. Since
> it has the same name, we submit the job to a single-threaded queue so
> the sales reps won't step on each other when sending these things.
> Before I put the effort into coming up with a meaningful yet unique
> naming convention for the spreadsheet, I thought I'd run it by you folks
> to see if anyone knows of a way I can get SQL2JXL to work in a single
> threaded subsystem, or has any other nifty ideas on how to deal with
> this situation.
> (Until now, we were actually using SQL2XLS, which doesn't have this
> problem.  Unfortunately, it is not suited for larger spreadsheets, and
> some of ours are getting too big for it to handle, so that's why I'm
> trying to move to SQL2JXL).
> Thanks
> Greg Fleming
> Senior Programmer/Analyst
> Everglades Direct, Inc.


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