Simon Coulter | 3 Apr 12:38 2007

Re: SQL2JXL Utility

On 31/03/2007, at 6:26 AM, Fleming, Greg ((ED)) wrote:

> Did the solution work for you ? As you can tell, I don't have much
> operations knowledge as far as subsystems and queues go, but it seems
> like the single threaded job queue would still prevent the QJVACMDSRV
> job from running (I'm assuming it always tries to submit it to the same
> job queue the RUNJVA command was running in...if not, what job queue
> would it be submitted to ? ) .

The secondary job is NOT submitted. It is spawned. That's why it's a 
BCI (Batch-Immediate) job rather than a BCH (Batch) job. Spawned jobs 
don't go through a job queue. Thus the suggestion to set the job queue 
to MAXJOBS(1) but increase the MAXJOBS of the subsystem will work (at 
least for your immediate problem). You'll also need to ensure the 
activity level of the storage pool in which the jobs run is high enough 
to cope with the threads used by your Java application plus whatever 
other work is active in the storage pool at the same time.

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