jastrachan | 21 Apr 09:40 2004

infrastructure move...

We'll be moving the Groovy project infrastructure from the old codehaus 
resources/box to the new shiny box & setup in about 6 hours. This is 
just a heads up that the CVS root will change soon. Bob's gonna be 
hacking together a script so we should be able to handle patches or 
migrate CVS checkouts by processing the CVS/Root file. Though I'll 
probably be doing a clean checkout from eclipse, just in case (a friend 
just had weirdness occurring when he tried to do a similar thing 
through eclipse).

As part of the move we'll also get the new jsr mail list as well. Not 
long after that we should be able to move the website to be confluence 
based so it'll be really easy for folks to keep the documentation up to 
date etc.

So in summary...

* the CVS root will change soon (fresh checkouts may well be in order)
* the mail addresses will change, though for a while codehaus will be 
forwarding those & migrating subscriptions