jastrachan | 3 May 10:39 2004

Re: [groovy-dev] Problems with CVS.

On 2 May 2004, at 19:30, Krishnan Venkatachalam wrote:

> Hello Troy,
> I  got your reference from the web.Actually I am facing issues when 
> trying to connect to CVS from Eclipse.
> Both the CVS server and Eclipse reside on the my m/c which is on 
> Windows XP.
> When I try to add a Repository thru Eclipse I get  the foll error:
> Errror validating location.Cannot connect to host.I'm not sure of the 
> values for username,password and Connection type to be 
> entered.Shouldn't the username and pasword be the same as your Windows 
> XP login?
> I would gretaly appreciate if you could help me out.

Connection details are here...


try using the anonymous user (with no password) for read-only access.