jastrachan | 5 Jul 20:42 2004

Re: [groovy-dev] static binding subsystem for better performance

On 5 Jul 2004, at 05:40, bing ran wrote:
> -- where to go from here?
> Shall we create a branch in the CVS, or shall I simply wrap it up and 
> put it
> somewhere for guys to play with? or create commandline switch that 
> must be
> turned on to activate EB...

BTW this all looks awesome bing! You totally rock!

How's about we check it into the main code base in CVS HEAD (assuming 
it doesn't affect too many classes - its mostly an optional step 
right?) and leave a flag for now to enable EB. Then when we've got a 
feel for it, we can figure out what to do next (e.g. do we enable it 
all the time, are there times when we might wanna disable it, etc?)