jastrachan | 6 Jul 09:57 2004

Re: [groovy-dev] static binding subsystem for better performance

On 6 Jul 2004, at 03:21, bing ran wrote:
> Thanks James for the good words. I just had some spare time that I 
> thought I
> could use to experiment a bit.
> The changes affect AsmClassLoader (actually I keep the old version 
> intact
> and create a clone called AsmClassLoader2, because otherwise the diff 
> would
> have been too long), the BytecodeHelper, The Expression class and all 
> the
> subclasses (added hooks for type resolving), MetaClass (I added 
> matching
> algorithm that's based on types (Class objects) rather than object 
> values
> that are only available at runtime) and other misc files.  So the 
> checkin is
> not small if not too big.

Sounds cool

> I thought I could remember it, but... where to monitor the build 
> process
> again? and all the build reports?

Its called DC (DamageControl) and you can listen to it in the 
#damagecontrol IRC channel (or you can ssh into the beaver.codehaus.org 
box and watch it in ~dcontrol/build/logs/Groovy

There's a link to the builds here...


(its on the left hand nav bar right at the bottom in the developers 

> I doubt I can make a clean checkin in one
> shot. I missed one file last time in a totally of 7. What a shame!


Are you using an IDE like IDEA or Eclipse, they ususally show exactly 
what you've done.