jastrachan | 13 Jul 15:15 2004

Re: [groovy-dev] Bruce Eckel's talk & easier unit testing...

On 13 Jul 2004, at 12:43, Laforge Guillaume wrote:
>>  <at> extends GroovyTestCase
> I'd like very much annotations in Groovy, and moreover, I'd love to 
> have AST macros (not simple text macros à la C). But perhaps it's 
> overkill for just creating unit tests with two lines and two curlys 
> less.

Agreed - but its the easiest way I can think of to avoid the 
class/method cruft

>> foo = new Foo()
>> foo.doSomething()
>> assert foo.bar == 123
> We could simply add a new tool .sh/.bat to the tool chain which would 
> be a GUnit runner.
> GUnit MyTest.groovy
> It would recognize both forms: classes or scripts.

BTW if we aliased

GUnit -> java groovy.util.GroovyTestSuite  <arguments>

then it'd work today :)

>> I guess we're used to stuff like the above, but it would help us 
>> create
>> little testing scripts quicker & easier if we didn't have to wrap
>> things in a class/method just to please the JUnit runner
> And btw, for such simple tests, it could certainly be run inside an 
> IDE.
> You would either have a sandbox console, or simply select some code, 
> and right-click on "Run selection as Unit test".

Yep. I can run scripts as unit tests today in IDEA by running 
groovy.util.GroovyTestSuite with the system property 'test' pointing to 
the real script to test. Though a better plugin to hide this detail 
would really help :)