jastrachan | 4 Aug 18:07 2004

Re: [groovy-dev] Groovy IDE Plugins - IDEA & NetBeans

On 4 Aug 2004, at 06:17, Net Bean wrote:
> I saw a message from Travis Kay from back last Dec (2003) about
> a possible groovy plugin (module) for Netbeans. Was this stashed
> away somewhere now?

Everything Travis has done is here in CVS...


it could really use some hacking to get it up to scratch. I'm quietly 
hopeful Guillaume will get around to it soon... :)

> [Old groovy-dev posting]
> http://lists.codehaus.org/pipermail/groovy-dev/2003q4/000448.html
> I've added a Groovy Console to the Groovy-Intellij Plugin, and have
> refactored a few things that needed changing. The work around needed 
> for
> the 3.0.5 plugin to work on Aurora has been made, but due to changes in
> the openapi, Groovyc will not work on Aurora. You can still run Groovy
> and evaluate Groovy scripts as usual though. I will be making changes 
> so
> Groovyc will work on both builds, very soon. An ant build file has also
> been created and will be checked in  with these changes when cvs access
> is available.
> A NetBeans module is in the works and should initially be available mid
> next week. Happy Holidays to everyone :)
> Travis