jastrachan | 24 Aug 14:05 2004

Re: [groovy-dev] Groovy JDK analysis - part 2

On 23 Aug 2004, at 08:11, Jeremy Rayner wrote:

> Hi again,
>   Ok, following on from my previous email, here are the rest of the
> potentially missing methods...

[snip] good list!

> * Should we implement any of these?

Yes - I'd say we should implement all of them.

Hopefully one day we can come up with a simpler way to write/maintain 
all these methods. e.g. if we had a way to coerce a type into an 
Iterator or List, then we could add methods to all Lists's and they'd 
automatically appear on any type that can coerce itself to a List. 
Similarly for things that work on a Reader and so forth.

Then we'd only need to add helper methods to, say, List and Reader once 
and other objects like Object[] or URL would inherit them.