jastrachan | 3 Sep 19:19 2004

Re: [groovy-dev] Can Groovy make it?

On 3 Sep 2004, at 16:21, John Stump wrote:

> I agree with Brian's concern. Personally, I had to abandon
> Groovy as a platform for developing my tools and apps. The many
> bugs that plague the language make the environment unstable and
> actually worse (in terms of development time) to use than java.
> I'm also disheartened by the lack of progress made in the JSR
> process. Is everyone busy writing books on Groovy? ;-)
> I believe the groovy team should concentrate on nailing down the
> language and fixing bugs before adding new features. I've tried
> to help out with some of the bugs, but many are side effects of
> the overall design (and lack thereof).
> I would also suggest that James take a more "dictatorial" role
> in the progression of Groovy. If Groovy continues to be designed
> by a committee, as it seems to be now, it will never get
> anywhere.
> Groovy seems poised to take the programming world by storm, but
> it has stalled. Many, myself included, will probably pass it by
> and go on to other solutions. Please don't let such an awesome
> language flounder any longer!!

I totally agree with all the sentiments expressed on this thread. I can 
only apologise for my lousy support of Groovy of late due to day job 

I'd like us to wrap up all the language holes ASAP, then get the RI to 
implement them as a matter of urgency.  (I'm also quite keen to try rip 
out the complex bytecode generation code & maybe use Janino to simplify 
development & remove various bugs and make it easier to tune the Groovy 
AST -> bytecode transformation).

Its worth reiterating though that Groovy is not funded in any way and 
its based on volunteers - and sometimes our spare time gets eaten  up 
by paying work from time to time. But lets all try much harder to make 
time to work on improving things, to fix bugs & lets try focus on the 
language nits and try get the basic syntax nailed down ASAP.