jastrachan | 18 Nov 09:17 2004

Re: [groovy-dev] Netbeans 4.0

I've heard murmurs that someone at Sun was thinking of funding the 
development of a Groovy and Jython plugin for NetBeans; though I've not 
heard much for a while so the idea might have stalled :(

On 13 Nov 2004, at 19:59, Guillaume Laforge wrote:
> Hello Josh,
> Unfortunately, AFAIK, I've never heard of a Groovy plugin, except this 
> scripting module you've just mentioned :-(
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> Guillaume Laforge
> http://glaforge.free.fr/weblog
> Josh Juneau wrote:
>> I am currently looking for a Groovy plugin for Netbeans.  I enjoy 
>> Groovy and use Netbeans 4.0 as my primary IDE and would love to have 
>> the ability to edit Groovy code within.  I’ve seen blogs about a 
>> Groovy scripting plugin via CVS as well as read the article in 
>> Netbeans newsletter about Groovy support.  However, I have tried 
>> several times to obtain the CVS, and I have no problem getting it…but 
>> I do have a problem building the scripting module because it cannot 
>> find all of the pieces it needs.
>> More to the point…is there a functional Groovy plugin for Netbeans 
>> which is available for use?
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Josh