jastrachan | 3 Dec 22:48 2004

[groovy-dev] [ANN] Gram!

Don't hold your breath or have any real expectations, this is only 2 
classes - but I've found Gram very useful on an engagement already...


Gram is a combination of Groovy + JAM and one or two extra classes. Or 
think of it as GRoovy Annotation Metadata.

Anyways if ever you wanna code generate or process doclet tags from 
Java 1.4 source code or Java 5 annotation source or annotation 
bytecode, try taking a look at Gram. Its super simple (there's very 
little there) but I've found it invaluable on a project.

e.g. in about an hour using Gram I auto-generated a whole slew of 
Tapestry widgets from the hibernate-doclet tag'd entity model on a 
project (after spending a day pulling my hair out with xdoclet and