jastrachan | 14 Dec 09:42 2004

Re: [groovy-dev] Update the ASM version used by Groovy

On 14 Dec 2004, at 08:27, Russel Winder wrote:

> I would like to propose that we move from ASM v1.4 to ASM v1.5.  The
> reason is that ASM v1.4 only has support for JDK v1.3 bytecodes and
> class files whereas ASM v1.5 has support for JDK v1.5 bytecodes and
> class files.

Great, go for it.

> On the objectweb.org Web site they have version 1.5.2 but it seems
> version 1.5.1 is the latest version in the standard Maven repository.
> v1.5.2 would be preferable to v1.5.1 as there are some bug fixes that
> may be crucial for Groovy to work on JDK v1.5.

Wanna mail me it privately and I can put it into the maven repo

> Maven newbie question: Is there a way for us to put stuff into the 
> Maven
> repository so that we can add v1.5.2 of the ASM jars in?

Yes, email me :)

There's probably a better way - and projects could have their own repo 
as a workaround.

> The patches needed to the Groovy code to make the change are actually
> quite trivial but I have not tested that Groovy still works on JDK v1.4
> as I only have JDK v1.5.
> I guess I am emailing to ask people's permission to make the change.

Go for it. Once you're done let me know & I'll see if things work. If 
so I could do the beta-8 release on this new ASM version.