jastrachan | 14 Dec 16:03 2004

Re: [groovy-dev] Doh... (ends up with another Maven newbie question)

I don't quite follow. You mean that we have to use 2 different ASM jars 
for different JVMs? Isn't there a way of using 1? Or is the JDK 5 
version of ASM completely dependent on Java 5?

On 14 Dec 2004, at 13:46, Russel Winder wrote:
> Sorry for another Maven newbie question but...
> My current solution to dealing with the change of signature of the
> CodeWriter.visit method is just totally silly -- it is not the runtime
> type of the JVM that is important for the value of the first parameter
> but the value of the maven.compile.target property.
> I need to put a marker in the Java source that is then edited prior to
> compilation to something that depends on the value of
> maven.compile.target -- can't just use the value directly either, it 
> has
> to be a mapping.
> If this was C or C++ a macro would be defined that was changed at
> compile time -- another reason for doing what IBM do and run all their
> Java through C pre-processor!
> With Ant and Java you end up copying the source code to a staging area
> and doing stream editing as the copies happen.
> Does Maven have to do this or is there a neater way?
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