jastrachan | 6 Jan 09:19 2005

Re: [groovy-dev] Groovlets vs. JSP, PHP

On 6 Jan 2005, at 07:09, Scott Stirling wrote:

> Cool?
> <% <at>  page language="groovy" %>
> I think Groovy could be the decent scripting language JSP has lacked 
> since day 1. The JSTL and JSP EL are sorta fine, but Groovy is pretty 
> well situated to provide a much better solution (anyone remember when 
> it was thought people would be using Javascript and other languages in 
> JSPs?). What would need to happen for the above to work in Tomcat, for 
> starters? A JSP parser that supports Groovy, right? Hmm. Just thinking 
> out loud.

AFAIK, the JSP compiler tomcat uses - called Jasper - can already use 
any BSF compliant scripting language I think - so it probably would 
work right now - using regular JSP syntax but with groovy for the 
scripting language.

> I think Groovy makes a great Web scripting language a la PHP. I would 
> pitch Groovy as a replacement for JSP, actually, especially on sites 
> of the small-medium size and scale where PHP currently excels.

Agreed; once we've got the basics of the language tied down I'd love us 
to give PHP a run for its money. Right now folks have a few choices...

* Groovlets
* GSP (Groovy templates which look a bit like JSP)
* JSP with Groovy (as above, using Jasper)
* Groovestry (Tapestry with groovy as the expression language)