jastrachan | 7 Jan 12:16 2005

Re: [groovy-dev] GroovyServlet

On 7 Jan 2005, at 11:11, Turansky, Mark wrote:

> I only meant to say that I'd like the GroovyServlet to have 
> configurable mapping.  Struts has configurable mapping.  You could 
> easily use /action/*  or  /*.action  instead of "do" and Struts would 
> still work.  GroovyServlet, on the other hand, requires *.groovy as 
> the mapping.
> My work would be to remove the dependency of *.groovy as the mapping.
> So long as the mappings for Struts and Groovy are different, there is 
> no reason they could nice play well together.

Sounds great. We should allow any mapping really - whatever the user 
wishes - to differentiate Groovy from Struts from JSP from Velocity 

Please go for it! :)