jastrachan | 26 Jan 16:43 2005

Re: [groovy-dev] My opinion on Pragmatic Groovy Development and Project Management :-0

On 26 Jan 2005, at 15:36, Dillman, Brad wrote:
> I love giving my unsolicited opinion ;-) You know where your delete 
> key is...


> I sympathize with anyone trying to work with Groovy syntax being a 
> moving target (was it Mr. Wilson?). I'm very lucky that a moving 
> syntax won't bother me much; I'm content to re-write, or to use a 
> specific version of Groovy (like 1.0-beta-9). I'm aware of the risks 
> and I'm OK with them. I'm very probably in a very small minority.
> I am a little worried after reading the mailing list traffic, and I 
> looked more closely at Jruby and Jython. But neither of them had the 
> nice integration with Java types that makes it so easy to work with 
> Java code (my primary use).
> As I follow the discussions, I'm gradually moving to favour a compact 
> syntax. If closures look different from function definitions, then I 
> find that makes the code easier to read - since they have different 
> rules (e.g. scoping). As for builders, I hope they're easily 
> distinguished from closures and functions (and blocks) too, for the 
> same reason - they're different and I don't want to confuse them.

Thanks for your mail and I agree with everything you just said

> What I'd like to see is Exceptions thrown by Java or by Groovy are 
> propagated 'with least surprise'.

We're working on that right now, we'll hopefully have a fix real soon