jastrachan | 31 Jan 20:57 2005

[groovy-dev] Groovy Roadmap

Guillaume has created a road map on the wiki...


which gives a good breakdown of the forthcoming releases. We should 
have a release fairly soon (beta-10) which will include an EA version 
of the new parser, while keeping the old parser around for 2 releases 
so folks can slowly migrate across. We're maintaining a web page of 
differences for the migration to help this transition.


We should hopefully be able to create a pretty printer, to reformat old 
scripts in new syntax where easily possible - if anyone fancies having 
a try at such a thing (printing a nicely formatted version of the AST), 
we'd all be very grateful :)

New Groovy is going pretty well, despite some of the FUD some folks are 
spreading on the blogosphere at the moment; we've pretty much got all 
of the Groovy AST wired into the new Antlr parser bar a few odds and 
ends in the expression space.

e.g. the following test case is working perfectly...


We've still a few gremlins in the parser though - but should have those 
sorted soon.

The first EA release of New Groovy in beta-10 probably won't include a 
markup builder, but we'll get that in ASAP once the rest of the 
implementation is hanging together well.