jstrachan | 13 Feb 09:00 2005

Re: [groovy-dev] Language API in IntelliJ

Awesome news! Here's hoping its not too hard to do... :)


Franck Rasolo wrote:

> yes, especially given
> "2. JavaScript plugin implements an API mentioned. While quite rough on edges
> seem to benefit from all that stuff already. Plugin and it's source code
> will be available with the next EAP build."
> --- Guillaume Laforge <glaforge@...> wrote:
>>Interesting news: in the upcoming betas of IntelliJ's EAP program, there 
>>should be a Language API which will be opened and be part of the OpenAPI:
>>" 1. Language API. This stuff begin implemented finally will allow a 3rd 
>>party plugin writers to embed particulary any language support to IDEA 
>>and benefit from it's features. Sytax highlighting, custom PSI, select 
>>word, folding, reference completion, Ctrl+B, error highlighting, rename 
>>refactoring, find usages, brace matching highlights and navigation and 
>>code formatter hooks are implemented so far. We take that really serious 
>>so any feedback is urgely awaited. "
>>That means it should become easier to write a good Groovy plugin for 
>>IntelliJ! With really really nice features...
>>Guillaume Laforge