jastrachan | 2 Mar 08:20 2005

Re: [groovy-dev] groovy for IDEA custom language API

Fantastic stuff!

Once CVS HEAD is back in shape after the transition to move the JSR 
parser in, I'd love to take a look at this and help if I can.

BTW the new custom language API; is that in the EAP build of IDEA? 

On 1 Mar 2005, at 22:36, Dierk Koenig wrote:
> Hiall,
> just to let you know:
> I played around a little with IDEA's new custom language API and
> the JavaScript example that they provide for this purpose.
> I got it working with Groovy for the easy cases like
> brace matching, code folding, highlighting properties,
> file type recognition, custom icon, etc.
> The beef for sure is the Lexer and Parser.
> I hope we can reuse all the JSR Parser work.
> What is then left is changing all the "visitors" that
> work on the AST to map nodes to the PSI. This seems at fist
> glance to require some days of work but should be
> more or less straightforward to do.
> I would very much appreciate any help on wiring the
> Lexer/Parser in.
> cheers
> Mittie