jastrachan | 12 Mar 16:15 2005

Re: [groovy-dev] CVS status

On 12 Mar 2005, at 12:36, Russel Winder wrote:

> Guillaume,
>> Yes, now, by default we use the Antlr grammar. To build, you'll have
>> to do maven clean generate groovy:make-install.
> Does "maven clean generate groovy:make-install" actually do anything
> different to "maven clean && maven" ?
> I guess if the new grammar is now the default and annotations and
> generics are being parsed then now is the time to contemplate and plan
> the move to ASM 2.0 so that we have the right tools for the job when it
> comes to code generation.  I will update the 1.5.4 -> 2.0 changes and
> make sure they are OK but I can only really do this once all the tests
> pass and we can create an actually installable and runnable version of
> Groovy within CVS.

Note that you can ignore the tests if you need to via 'maven rebuild'

>  I guess though it will be a short while before we
> get to that stage.

Yes. By all means start your ASM 2.0 work now and when we've got a 
fully working test suite running, we'll let you know & you can double 
check your stuff before checking in.

Maybe another option is we explicitly exclude all the failing tests 
until we get them working?