jastrachan | 26 Mar 08:04 2004

Re: SwingBuilder / public

On 26 Mar 2004, at 06:24, Guillaume Laforge wrote:
> Hello Rapheal,
>>  I am interested in implementing these kinds of things for the
>> SwingBuilder, especially since I will need this functionality one day.
>> Shall I open up an issue and then take it on?  How should I work on
>> this?
> First, create yourself an account on JIRA.
> Then, you open an issue.
> Ask us to assign this issue to you (by giving us your account name)
> Then simply submit your suggested patches as attachment to the issue.
> You're welcome to contribute!
> Thanks


Incidentally, I'd often wondered about refactoring a Builder 
implementation such as the Swing one so that...

* we maybe separate out the builder plumbing from a 'factory' object 
which knows how to make things. e.g.

class SwingFactory {
     frame(map) {
	return new JFrame(map)
     button(map) {
	return new JButton(map)



Secondly there's the option of allowing dynamic registration (as 
Rapheal described, so the same class could be used, we just register 
some custom widgets via a new factory derivation or factory methods 
implemented as closures etc.