jastrachan | 2 Apr 09:02 2004

Re: Language Spec

On 1 Apr 2004, at 22:17, LARSON, BRIAN (SBCSI) wrote:
> Since we are all in the mood to gush, I want to thank Chris for his 
> hard
> work on the parser.
> I'm doing testing now and creating patches...

Me too - thanks Chris!

Also I really want, through the JSR, for folks to poke holes in Groovy 
and find every rough edge they can (indeed even the not-very-smooth 
edges) so we can debate them and get as many minds to ponder the issues 
as possible and see if we can fix them & make the language cleaner, 
less surprising and more consistent.

I wholeheartedly welcome reviews like Mike (and any other criticism) as 
its important to find out the things that confuse people and things 
that might not seem obvious.

As the JSR process kicks in, I hope we can go through lots of issues 
with a fine tooth-comb to check things are consistent and as simple as 
they can/should be. I

ncidentally, I was wondering if we should have a separate mail list, 
say groovy-jsr@... where we can discuss the JSR (i.e. language design) 
and then leave the groovy-dev <at>  list for code / implementation 
discussions? Then if someone isn't too concerned with debating the 
finer details of the language specification, they can just keep track 
of the development of groovy and vice versa). Does that sound OK to