jastrachan | 5 Apr 08:20 2004

Re: Properties

On 3 Apr 2004, at 02:32, Mark Volkmann wrote:

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>> With that in mind - I think far too much emphasis is being put on the
>> JavaBean spec.  How many Java programmers actually create code with
>> JavaBeans in mind?  Seriously...
> If you mean "How many Java programmers religiously follow the Java Bean
> naming conventions for accessor methods?" then I'd say at least 95% of 
> them.
> Many of them may not do it because they are conciously trying to 
> create Java
> Beans, but those conventions are now an ingrained part of the Java 
> culture.
> Other Java developers that want to use their classes as Java Beans are 
> able
> to do so because that convention is so widely followed.


Not only that, huge amounts of tools in the Java world are designed to 
work cleanly with Java beans, from JSP, JSTL, JSP-EL, JSF to Velocity, 
Tapestry, WebWork as well as every scripting language for Java and most 
Java IDEsetc.