jastrachan | 5 Apr 08:49 2004

Re: Properties

On 3 Apr 2004, at 23:24, Brian McCallister wrote:
> JDO spec requires setCandidates(Extent) and setCandidates(Collection)
> Method overloading for properties happens all the time.

Interesting - two setters for the same property on the same bean right? 
I wonder though if that breaks the JDK's introspector. i.e. does JDO 
just call these two methods directly or does it use introspection. I 
thought that having multiple setters breaks the introspector - since 
its designed to have a single setter method and doesn't know how to 
choose one.

FWIW we can 'fix' the introspection inside Groovy when we use the '.' 
notation. e.g. we will try invoke the setCandidates(x) method if the 
introspector can't figure out how to call a setter.