jastrachan | 6 Apr 11:14 2004

Re: jira for this long threaded discussion

On 5 Apr 2004, at 20:28, bing ran wrote:
> Hello all,
> To keep who has said what is such a pain in maillists. Why not use the
> jira's comment feature for this kind of long threaded discussions so we
> keep a log of the history and save typing quotes? This will immensely
> benefit everyone new to the topic as well as to everyone "old". It's
> just two or three clicks more than replying in the maillist. I think 
> the
> JIRA can easily handle displaying all the comments expanded, just like
> TheServerSide. In the end we end up with a valuable knowledge base. 
> Only
> wish JIRA could allow threaded comments.  The mail archives on the
> server do not really serve us well because 1) one cannot really comment
> on anyting. 2) it's not expanded for all messages.

Its a good point - though I think bob is working hard on getting some 
much neater mail archive stuff sorted out to make browsing threaded 
discussions easier.

Another tool worth considering is gmane which often makes browsing mail 
simpler, you can use your NTTP news reader