jastrachan | 6 Apr 11:30 2004

using properties on ResultSet (was Re: Properties)

On 5 Apr 2004, at 23:21, bing ran wrote:

> Actually getAt() is not  part of List interface. List has get(int). So
> List actually adheres to JavaBeans patterns (and is not a Java bean).
> I'm wondering what would it gets us if I use the property accessor - 
> the
> "." - on an object of ResultSet, which has lots of getXXX() and that
> obviously are not bean accesors.

Actually thats what GroovyResultSet does :)

It overloads the property access mechanism to provide access to named 
columns in the result set (i.e. providing getProperty()/setProperty()). 
Also it overloads getAt() setAt() so you can use integer subscripting 
into columns too...


// property access
sql.eachRow("select * from PERSON") { println("Hello ${it.firstname} 
${it.lastname}") }

// index access
sql.eachRow("select count(*) from PERSON") { answer = it[0] }