jastrachan | 16 Apr 16:50 2004

Re: compiled by groovyc not accessable?

On 16 Apr 2004, at 15:44, alex@... wrote:
> Hi,
> Trying to get things going with Groovy:
> When I create a 'normal' java class, export it to a jar file add this 
> to my ~/.groovy/lib
> dir, I can acces it via the shell or another script.
> However, I created a class, the groovy way, running it as groovy 
> myclass.groovy works
> fine, groovyc compiles alright and then added it to a jar with
> "java cvf wojo.jar  myclass.class" and added the jar to the groovy lib.
> Now when I run the script where I imported my class, I get a 
> NoClassDefFoundError.

so myclass.class is definitely in the jar right? And you're trying to 
run it how?

java -cp wojo.jar myclass