jastrachan | 13 Nov 11:16 2004

quick JSR conference recap

We've just had a fantastic 2-day conference. I'd say 95% of all the 
smelly & sucky stuff in the language got fixed; at least all the stuff 
folks have hit in the language so far. It was a resounding success - my 
heads still spinning with some of the ideas we came up with -  many 
many thanks to Jeremy & Guillaume for organising it, Sun for hosting it 
and all those who attended (especially those who had to fly all the way 
to London).

As well as fixing sucky stuff, we also came up with a couple of very 
interesting ideas which we should explore - e.g. with() {...} and 
using() { ... } which we can drop onto the wiki to flesh out.

On monday I'm gonna start a jsr directory where we can dump example 
test cases for all the things we think should now fail with a compile 
time error based on the things we agreed at the conference and start 
dropping in wiki specification text and sandbox ideas to flesh out; 
then we can start work on the grammar file and I can start an 
experimental rewrite of the bytecode generation, removing the big ball 
of mud and using something far simpler to grok like Janino.

Lets get Groovy going!