jastrachan | 15 Nov 10:15 2004

Re: quick JSR conference recap

On 13 Nov 2004, at 23:36, Michael Campbell wrote:
> Man, I'm excited now; can you say (or point to somewhere where you've
> already said) what stuff is changing?

We'll be putting all the new compiler rules & language changes into CVS 
really soon as a large bunch of test cases to demonstrate what will be 
allowed & what will generate warnings/errors.

 From a high level we mostly fixed lots of things in the language to 
give much better compile time errors when people make typos, making the 
language much more rigid and easy to use while keeping its look & feel. 
We've also come up with an interesting possible new way of making 
Markup, which I'll defer until we've written some examples...

Probably the biggest look-and-feel change is that variable declarations 
now must use a type descriptor or 'def'.


// these are all valid
def x = 1
String x = 1
def String x = 1
def x
String x

// however these are invalid declarations of a variable as it could be 
a typeo
x = 1