jastrachan | 7 Dec 17:42 2004

Re: Status

On 7 Dec 2004, at 15:48, John Wilson wrote:

> On 6 Dec 2004, at 21:47, John Rose wrote:
>> I am aware of three lines of work after London, all of which focus on 
>> specification rather than implementation:
>> 1. We are building a formal grammar for Groovy, including London 
>> modifications and clarifications.
>> 2. We are building a new suite of test cases (will be in tck/src 
>> under CVS) which cover the London work.
>> 3. We are processing raw material from the conference (see above) 
>> into a more readable form.
> John
> There seems to be something missing here...
> As I understand it the new Groovy language will have a new set of name 
> resolution rules. Understanding these rules are vital to understanding 
> the semantics of the language. Neither the formal grammar nor the test 
> cases really help with this.
> How will the name resolution rules be documented and when will this 
> happen?

On the JSR wiki and the test cases will test for name scoping errors. 
i.e. glancing at the test cases should show you how it all works