jastrachan | 24 Jan 16:21 2005

Re: Question on JSR decisions

On 22 Jan 2005, at 21:15, Mike Spille wrote:
> In my documentation efforts, I noted this page:
> 	http://docs.codehaus.org/display/GroovyJSR/Decisions
> Which lists decisions on Integer Division, Optional Returns, and 
> Optional Semi-colon.
> But what process were these decided to be official Groovy JSR 1.0 
> specification decisions?

They're documented & discussed on the mail list, wiki, irc and 
sometimes in person at conferences; then I, as spec lead, tend to make 
a call.

> I'm not trying to debate the merits of any individual case, instead 
> I'm trying to figure out how an item migrates from the Discussions 
> page to the Decisions page.  Given that the JSR is run by an expert 
> commitee I imagine a committee vote was put forth?

No. I've been on about 10 or so JSRs and there's never been a single 
vote on any of them (other than very occasionally to vote through an 
entire specification, but thats very, very rare); they are normally 
discussion groups mostly, with the spec lead making the final call when 
he/she decides the issue has been resolved.