jastrachan | 31 Jan 09:03 2005

Re: Grammar changes...

BTW I was chatting with Guillaume on IRC the other day & we came up  
with an idea. If we add comments into the AST, we could then write a  
pretty-printer that could output Groovy code in the 'standard code  
layout' (think Sun's coding standards for Java) - though we can always  
make it tweakable like IDEs...

However a really neat thing about this is we could use the pretty  
printer to take Classic Groovy and convert it to New Groovy, making it  
easy for folks to make the transition.

On 30 Jan 2005, at 19:26, Jeremy Rayner wrote:
> Hi John,
>   I plan to start looking at the grammar issues this week, but I don't
> want to step on
> your toes as to the fixes already achieved on your local machine.
>   Can you let me know (or commit) any changes you've made, and which  
> areas
> you plan to tackle next, so I can work on the other bits.
>   I guess the best work plans are an amalgam of...
> * http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/GROOVY-711
> * the comments in
> http://cvs.groovy.codehaus.org/viewrep/groovy/groovy/jsr/tck/test/ 
> misc/SampleTest.groovy?r=HEAD
> * the broken tests in the TCK at http://groovy.codehaus.org/jsr/tck
> Also, I think James has mooted, keeping the comments in the antlr AST,
> to help refactoring browsers in the future.
> Thanks
> jez.
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