jastrachan | 14 Feb 16:44 2005

Re: To Do list for 1.0

I've added the new stuff you brought up Guillaume. I also added those 2 
new operators we came up with in brainstorming mode at the JSR meeting 
(which I quite like but am not yet convinced we should add - the 
foo?.bar and foo*.bar)

On 14 Feb 2005, at 15:34, Guillaume Laforge wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:22:32 +0000, jastrachan@...
> <jastrachan@...> wrote:
>> I've created a wiki page to track the larger issues which need 
>> resolved
>> before 1.0...
>> http://docs.codehaus.org/display/GroovyJSR/To+Do+1.0
>> I'm sure there's stuff we've missed. I was tempted to use JIRA to 
>> track
>> the issues; but its a bit easy for us to loose JSR issues inside the
>> RI; maybe we should create a new JIRA project just for the JSR? Or
>> maybe just keeping a list of issues to decide/document is simpler?
>> Thoughts?
> Good idea.
> You can add pointers to the relevant associated pages.
> I've just added a new item to your list:
> * decide the operators in and out and their precedence (integer
> division, binary or, power, spread/splice)
> John introduced some new operators without discussion on the lists
> like the spread/splice stuff, and we haven't decided whether we should
> have an integer division operator or just 2.div(5). Ditto for binary
> or.
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