jastrachan | 19 Feb 10:36 2005

Re: Re: static versus dynamic typing policy

On 18 Feb 2005, at 23:40, Mike Spille wrote:
> A fact with negative connotations is still a fact.  This list does 
> have "so few people left on it".  Many people have given up on Groovy 
> because of things like confusing error messages.  These are not gross, 
> incorrect, or unsubstantiated.  They're the unvarnished truth.

As I said yesterday; the email lists for groovy are the most popular of 
any codehaus project; hardly a sign of 'so few people left'

> Meanwhile, in the past month there have been a large number of 
> articles and blog entries strongly criticizing Groovy - and some 
> outright laughing at it.  Do some google searches and see what the 
> world thinks of Groovy right now.

'large number'? Apart from some frustration at lack of progress and 
your posts, I've not seen anything else negative? Ignoring your posts 
for a second, have you any links to this 'large number' of posts?