jastrachan | 24 Feb 07:39 2005

Re: support of Java style arrays; or using Groovy arrays?

On 23 Feb 2005, at 21:28, Guillaume Laforge wrote:

> Martin C. Martin wrote:
>> John Rose wrote:
>>> (Do they have that children's game over the pond?  The leader gives 
>>> orders like "take two steps forward", trying to trick the playmates 
>>> into following them without a confirming protocol of "Mother may I?" 
>>> and "Yes, you may".)
>> The equivalent thing here is "Simon Says."  The leader gives orders 
>> like "Simon says take two steps forward," and tries to trick the 
>> playmates into focusing on the orders so much that they follow them 
>> even when the leader doesn't say "Simon Says."
> In France, it's "Jacques a dit" :-)
> Which translates into English as: James said!
> So if James says something...
> :-D


autoboxing of list/arrays it is then :)