jastrachan | 8 Mar 00:03 2005

Re: Closure syntax

On 7 Mar 2005, at 19:28, Guillaume Laforge wrote:
> Michael Campbell wrote:
>> :: in C++ has a very specific meaning, which is not "imply".  Ruby
>> also uses it for a similar purpose.
> That's used to disambiguate which parent method to call, in case of 
> multiple inheritance, as far as I remember. Some kind of 
> scoping/narrowing operator, which is not really related to "injecting" 
> parameters into the closure.

But it may be, further down the line we might need :: for some kind of 
name resolution mechanism. (e.g. to refer to a name in a module / outer 
class etc). Its used quite a bit in C++/Ruby for this kinda stuff - it 
may be we don't need it in Groovy & can get by with the overloading of 
dot and class/method names.