jastrachan | 11 Mar 14:15 2005

Re: # Comments

On 11 Mar 2005, at 13:03, Guillaume Laforge wrote:
> Alan Green wrote:
>> My preference is for 1 or 2 to support scripting in Unix. Number 3 
>> doesn't make a lot of sense. Perhaps somebody would like to put an 
>> argument forward in support of having a second type of end of line 
>> comment?
> We can potentially reuse # later for a new operator. So, let's use # 
> for the first line only. I think what's in groovy.g now is fine (ie. 
> only #! in the first line).

Agreed. We already have /* ... */ and // for comments so we should keep 
the # token free in case we find a good use for it later on. (Its also 
a little strange having 2 different tokens, # and // for comments - I'd 
like us to have mostly one way of doing things).

I'm happy to stick with rule 1 unless someone has a good reason to