jastrachan | 15 Mar 12:40 2005

Re: Keeping comments on the AST

Keeping comments around in the AST for IDEs & pretty printing sounds 
great to me.

On 15 Mar 2005, at 11:25, Jeremy Rayner wrote:
> While we are on the topic of comments, I'd like to raise the desire to
> keep comments around on the AST.  I don't think this is a simple task
> as this article hilights...
>   http://jazillian.com/antlr/antlrComments.html
> This will assist me in my task of creating a groovy pretty printer,
> and consequently a test suite generator.  But I can see many other
> usages, including the IDE plugin developments.
>   I guess this is a nudge to you, John, in case you have any ideas
> beyond what is mentioned in the article above.
> Thanks
> jez.
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