jastrachan | 15 Apr 17:32 2004

Re: documentation frustration

On 15 Apr 2004, at 16:25, bing ran wrote:
> I second you on the facade idea, which can be applied to the most
> extended JDK classes: String, List, Array, Map, Collection, File,
> Inputt/OutputStream, Number, Matcher, etc.... By having a facade for
> each of this, The runtime can speed up the search for a method match 
> and
> user can speed up the search for meaningful API doc.

We already have a MetaClass per Java class which knows all the new 
methods we've added, so we've already got a fast efficient way to 
lookup methods etc. But this means we don't need to wrap String & File 
in some facade, we can work directly on real Java objects.