jastrachan | 15 Apr 18:14 2004

Re: SaxBuilder writes empty element and attribute names

On 15 Apr 2004, at 16:33, Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Le 15 avr. 04, à 13:47, jastrachan@... a écrit :
>> ...I've just committed a patch to use the same qname as localName to 
>> see if that helps? ...
> It does, big thanks!
>> You can try grab the source from CVS or use the latest snapshot jar 
>> which should be there in a few minutes...
> I tried the latest snapshot and it works fine. I'll commit my example 
> to the Cocoon BSF block samples, with the snapshot jar for now.
> Next step is to let Cocoon provide a JDBC Connection to the groovy Sql 
> object, to allow the (way cool) Groovy syntax to be used together with 
> GroovyMarkup for SQL queries in Cocoon. I won't have time to work on 
> it right now, but it doesn't look hard.

I replied on the cocoon mail thread but I'll re-iterate it here for any 
groovy-users interested. The best way to use Sql inside a web container 
is to pass it a DataSource on construction; then it works nicely with 
your connection pool implementation (most of which should implement 
javax.sql.DataSource these days).

If you have another kind of database connection pool its pretty easy to 
wrap it in a DataSource.