jastrachan | 15 Apr 22:03 2004

Re: Groovy Shell VS. Classloader

On 14 Apr 2004, at 19:22, Brandon Goodin wrote:
> What is the performance difference between Groovy Shell and 
> Classloader.
> To give you some background. I am looking to add groovy script into 
> the body of some xml tags. In the course of interpreting the body of 
> these tags I would like to use groovy to process some text. So, since 
> I can’t break the groovy script into separate files I was wondering 
> how performant groovy is when parsing a string with the Groovy Shell 
> for dynamic text processing.

The GroovyClassLoader is used inside GroovyShell, so its kinda the same 
stuff really - the main difference is GroovyShell is a helper for 
evaluating any scripts (e.g. arbitrary expressions, statements) whereas 
GroovyClassLoader is a ClassLoader for loading Class objects.

So if you want any kind of arbitrary expression/statement evaluation 
you probably want the GroovyShell as its higher level & designed to 
make this kinda stuff easier.