jastrachan | 10 May 17:44 2004

Re: Using Groovy to write functional tests

On 10 May 2004, at 16:23, Michael Mattox wrote:

> I am working on automating functional tests of an EJB and a web 
> service.  My
> plan was to use JUnit for this, we use JUnit for our unit tests so 
> it's a
> tool everyone knows.  However, the integration team has asked for the
> capability to configure the test cases, add tests, etc.  So that 
> leaves me
> with two possiblities:  XML and a scripting language.  XML is out, too 
> much
> work.  Using Groovy seems, well, just groovy.  Is there a JUnit for 
> Groovy?
> Is it easy to use Groovy with JUnit?  Anyone using Groovy to write
> unit/integration/functional tests?

Yes! Groovy uses Groovy and JUnit to test Groovy itself :)

click on any of the .groovy files here, which are all JUnit test cases 
written in groovy


there's more details of running these inside your IDE here...